Connecting 10,000 commmunities to resources to accelerate their progress owards rising out of poverty.

BWI.ph is an online Social Impact Engine that fuels social progress for the millions of the poorest families in the Philippines through the Gawad Kalinga Movement. The Platform aims to become the bridge between opportunity givers and communities through project funding and volunteering.

With the goal to raise 10,000 communities out of poverty, BWI.ph enables anyone from anywhere to share opportunities and resources, while building relationships. We have established vast reach all over the country, which should enable users of this platform to reach out to communities even beyound their current connections.



"Noon konti lang yung kumukuha ng modules dahil ang ibang bahay ng mag aaral ay malayo sa eskwelahan, ngayon nung nalaman nilang may kasamang food packs na ibibigay para sa mga estuyante, excited sila lagi na kumuha ng modules"
-Dulay Elementary School Faculty Members


It is not easy to study and learn virtually but for these kids we cite here, they prove to us that with dedication, diligence, and determination, they can surpass the seemingly unsurmountable fringes of long distance education" - GK Volutneer


in this pandemic, Kapitbahayans have grown vegetables like pechay, eggplant, okra, bottle gourd (upo), sweet potato (camote) tops, wild chili (labuyo) - to augment income for the community's needs. They also grew an orchid plantation which has attracted local buyers"
- GK Full-Time Worker


"The kids really enjoyed running around their community while collecting trash they picked up along the way. It surprised and pleased them that it is possible to do jogging and at the same time cleaning up their vicinity."
- Sports Coordinator


All parents cooked vegetables(from the garden) for our healthy feeding program to help sustain a healthy diet of our childern. We also sell some of our harvest to make extra income. Some Nanays plant vegetables in pots. And some Tatays have a poultry farm to help secure plenty of food for their families"
- GK Kapitbahayan


Crisis on water is a reality. Almost 5 million Filipinos depend on unsafe water resources. Even though the Philippines is an emerging market economy, the country faces critical challenges in terms of water accessibility and sanitation"
- Daloy ng Pag-asa Program


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