What is BWI?

BWI is an enabling platform for communities to connect to resources/opportunities to accelerate their progress. An online Social Impact Engine that fuels social progress for the millions of poorest families in the Philippines through the Gawad Kalinga Movement.

BWI : “Barangay Walang Iwanan” (no one left behind nor forgotten).

What Can You Do?

Provide sustainable solution to basic but very crucial issues in poor communities across the country according to your specific advocacy

Join existing and fulfilling volunteerism activities across the country as an individual or as a group.



Just click on any of our icons above: GIVE and VOLUNTEER. Please start exploring now.


Search for whatever intervention you might want to do from hiring people from the barangay , trading straight with our farmers and producers, giving donations to activate projects, or volunteering.


Now it’s time to interact with the Barangay directly. Our army of community workers will hand hold you into engaging the community for whatever needs they can cater for you.

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