Support 59 Families in Barangay San Miguel in Hernani, Eastern Samar rebuild their water system.

Hernani, Eastern Samar

Environment, Community Infrastructure

The GK PInasuan Village in Barangay San Miguel, Hernani, Eastern Samar was turned over to 59 families on September 25, 2005. It is located in a sloping area that is 100 meters away from the main highway and 500 meters away from the shoreline. Their main source of livelihood are mostly farming and fishing.

The residents of GK Pinasuan have been struggling with accessing clean water for their daily use. Currently, the only water source existing in their area is 300 meters away from the village, which they have to walk to everyday in order to fetch water. The supply of water here depends on the season - it may overflow during the rainy season, but might be insufficient during the dry season. In order to fulfill their need for water, they have to head to another sitio or barangay to fetch water.

Water is a basic need that each community must have access to in order to have a better quality of life. Through this project, we aim to raise PHP 232,470.00 in order to build a proper water facility within the GK Pinasuan Village, where they no longer have to walk 300 meters in order to fetch water. This will also enable them to expand their existing water intake box and pipelines to be able to accommodate more water sources.

Tags: Zero Exclusion, Community Infrastructure
Project Details:

Help residents in Barangay San Miguel, Hernani, Eastern Samar have access to one of our basic needs by rebuilding their water system.

Total Cost: Php 232,470.00

Donation Code: WaterSystemPinasuan

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PHP 232,470.00 PHP 232,470.00

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Donation Code: WaterSystemPinasuan

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Take a screenshot of your payment and send proof of transaction along with donation code to