Help residents in Sitio Pinasuan, Eastern Samar reconstruct their houses affected by soil erosion through the "Riprap" project.

Hernani, Eastern Samar

Environment, Community Infrastructure

The GK PInasuan Village in Barangay San Miguel, Hernani Eastern Samar was turned over to 59 families on September 25, 2005. It is located in a sloping area that is 100 meters away from the main highway and 500 meters away from the shoreline. Their main source of livelihood are mostly farming and fishing.

In 2015, the residents of the community began to notice a certain part of their village getting damaged by soil erosion. What’s more alarming is the fact that a row of houses also stand in this area, which means that their foundation is at risk and may no longer be sound because of the erosion. To date, 8 houses are affected by this and families fear not only for the destruction of their home structure, but also their family members’ safety.

The local members of the community have suggested the “Riprap” solution in order to address this problem of soil erosion. Riprap is a method where larger-sized rocks are piled together against a slope in order to protect the soil surface against erosion. They believe that this will address their current concern and lower the risk of collapsing for the home structures standing in the affected area.

The total amount needed to implement the Riprap solution to GK Pinasuan Village is PHP 64,859.00. This includes the procurement of all materials needed and labor required.

Tags: Zero Exclusion, Community Infrastructure
Project Details:

The Riprap project will help to restore damaged houses in Sitio Pinasuan due to soil erosion.

Total Cost: Php 64,859.00

Donation Code: RiprapPinasuan

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PHP 64,859.00 PHP 64,859.00

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Donation Code: RiprapPinasuan

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