Support 100 farmers to protect their crops from pests by having 10 agricultural sprayers.

Sampaloc Santo Cristo, Sariaya, Quezon Province

Food sufficiency, Livelihod, Anti-hunger

Farming is the main livelihood of the residents in Barangay Sto, Cristo, Sariaya, Quezon Province, especially since their area is surrounded by greeneries and are rich in resources. Many of the residents, however, also looked to other sources of income for the past few years such as factory work or construction work in order to make ends meet. Because of the pandemic, they have lost these other sources of income. And their earnings from farming with the current capacity is unfortunately not enough to support their household.

The 100 farmers in this community currently share their equipments with one another, such as two (2) agricultural sprayers. They do not have the resources to purchase new equipment. This limits their ability to grow more produce at a quicker pace and be able to compensate for the income they have lost because of the pandemic.

The land that they are utilizing are currently invaded by pests, which affects their harvest, especially since they plant mainly vegetables to sell in the market. This project aims to raise funds in order to provide ten (10) agricultural sprayers that cost PHP 4,130 each. On top of that, local leaders and BWI volunteers will be conducting Values Formation sessions where the farmers will be organized and empowered to become better members/leaders of the community.

Through this project, the farmers will be divided into 10 groups with 10 members sharing one (1) sprayer. This will enable them to do their farming work more efficiently to produce more vegetables and provide a better life for their families.

Tags: Anti-hunger, food sufficiency, Agriculture
Project Details:

Help farmers in Barangay Sto. Cristo, Sariaya Quezon to have a good harvest by eliminating out the pest from their crop with the help of insect sprayer.

Total Cost: Php 41,300.00

Donation Code: AgriStoCrsito

Methods of Giving:
PHP 35,500.00 PHP 41,300.00

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Donation Code: AgriStoCrsito

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