Provide basic medical supplies to residents of Brgy. Concepcion 1 in Sariaya

Concepcion No. 1, Sariaya, Quezon Province

Good health and well being

Barangay Concepcion 1 is a rural community located in between Sariaya and Candelaria in Quezon Province. They are mainly a farming province, but there are some who also engage in factory work and construction work in order to make ends meet. GK Velasco rests in this barangay where 50 households struggle to gain access to basic medical needs.

The nearest pharmacy from GK Velasco is located 3-4 kilometers away from this community, which makes it not easily accessible by residents who do not have the resources to purchase motor vehicles. The local government set-up a Barangay Health Center within the vicinity to distribute free medicine such as biogesic, losartan, and other medical needs, especially for protection during the pandemic. However, their resources are limited and this particular community now lacks medical supplies to cater to the their residents' needs.

This program aims to raise PHP 11,950 pesos in order to procure basic medial supplies to serve the needs of their community, even neighboring ones. Medicines to purchase include:
- Biogesic
- Ascorbic Acid
- Losartan
- Paracetamol Syrup
- Loperamide
- Mefenamic Acid
- Betadine
- Etc.

We hope to have a successful fundraising effort in order to equip the residents with good health, especially in this time of the ongoing health crisis.

Oct 4 2021 8:11AM
Tags: Health
Project Details:

"Let us support the good cause of the Barangay health center of Concepcion 1 to provide free medicine to their people who are struggling financially due to the pandemic caused by Covid-19. Donation Code: HealthCareConcepcion1"

Total Cost: Php 11,950.00

Donation Code: HealthCareConcepcion1

Methods of Giving:
PHP 12,231.00 PHP 11,950.00

How to donate via Bank Transfer:
Donation Code: HealthCareConcepcion1

From your online bank account, you may donate the following bank details:

Bank of the Philippines - Edsa Greenhills

Gawad Kalinga Community Development Foundation, Inc.

3101 0977 56

3104 0162 34
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Take a screenshot of your payment and send proof of transaction along with donation code to

How to donate via E-Wallet:
Donation Code: HealthCareConcepcion1
Scan the QR Code from any of the E-wallet accounts of Gawad Kalinga:





Important Note:

Take a screenshot of your payment and send proof of transaction along with donation code to