Building a Daycare Center for the Young Lumad's in Bukidnon for a Better Future

Nacabuklad, San Fernando, Bukidnon


Barangay Nacabuklad is a community surrounded by mountains. It is rich in natural beauty as it’s also located near the Tigua River Contributory to the Davao River and Pulangi River. It used to be only accessible by foot, but because of the infrastructure projects by the government, this community is more accessible now.

Because of their location and availability of natural resources, most of the 60 households residing here rely on farming as a source of living. The local leaders and volunteers have established the “Kapitbahayan Small Farmers Association” to empower the farmers as one community. However, it is through this association where it was relayed that the children here prioritized farming to help their families, instead of attending school, which is 3.5 kilometers away. Out of the 200 children, only a handful is able to gain access to proper education.

There have already been efforts to help these children by transforming an existing structure within the community to a daycare center with a volunteer teacher being paid PHP 1,000 pesos per month to help. Because of this, the daycare center has grown from catering to 40 students in 2019 to 78 students in 2020 (pre-pandemic). The number of classes per day also increased to two (2) sessions - morning and afternoon.

The community is in need of PHP 295,000 pesos in order to construct and proper facility for the daycare center. Currently, the structure is made of scrap wood which will definitely not hold especially when typhoon season comes.

Members of the community will work together towards building this facility, minimizing the costs to cover for materials.

The construction of the Sibol School Daycare Center for the young "Lumad" in Palayang Bayan, Nacabuclad San Fernando Bukidnon started on August 30, 2021 and was completed on September 30, 2021. With the help of residents through their Bayanihan, the school was built 30 days after construction started. It was turned over to the LGU of San Fernando Bukidnon during a ceremony attended by PICE-UAE along with Ms. Marlyn Importante and Butch Ozarraga- Area Team Leader in Bukidnon.

The residents and the children were genuinely thankful and happy in their new classroom; at first, they thought that it was just a small room like the former. They were amazed to see that it had new tables, chairs, reading materials, and toys for the kids. They also built playgrounds for the kids. The city's social welfare department was also happy with the newly built classroom.

An old Lumad exclaimed that in her 64 years, it was her first time playing in the playground, she was very happy and she also wants to study despite her age.

The renovation of the school was a great help in the Lumad community in Bukidnon; considering they are very far from the town and school. Most of them neglect the significance of education and spend most of their time working to earn money. But because of their new classroom, the children and the residents are determined to study and work hard to uplift their lives from poverty.

Thank you PICE-UAE and other stakeholdeers who made this possible for Barangay Nacabuklad.

Together, we can end poverty.
Tags: Education, Zero Exclusion
Project Details:

Let us help the lumad children in Bukidnon, who at an early age chose to work due to the lack of a nearby school in their area, gain access to basic education through a Daycare Center

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