Livelihood Program Through Peanut Butter Making

Sampaloc 2, Sariaya, Quezon Province

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Challenges in daily living continue to persist for families in Barangay Sampaloc 2, Sariaya, Quezon amidst the restrictions imposed by the pandemic. However, the 8,000 people residing in this community choose to remain optimistic especially since they have a very strong sense of support and unity. Together, they are regularly conducting discussions to devise ways to help members of the community who need additional support.

One of these projects that they would like to implement is a Peanut Butter-Making Livelihood Program. It aims to provide additional income, especially to 31 women whose household income has lowered significantly due to the pandemic. While their other family members try to make ends meet through limited opportunities in construction work, selling produce, and the like, these women would also like to contribute to their family's income in order to put food on the table and support their children through their ongoing online classes. This specific community is very accessible as it's located near a national highway. The potential of building a livelihood program focused on selling local delicacies such as peanut butter has huge potential, especially as restrictions in borders slowly ease for tourists.

Most of these women lost their jobs which provided a steady source of income prior to the onslaught of the pandemic. Their determination and perseverance to finds ways to help each other get through this challenge is admirable and inspiring. Both the members of the barangay unit and the residents would like to seek for support to jumpstart this Peanut Butter-Making Livelihood Program where they need PHP 54,841.80 to purchase the initial batch of raw ingredients needed to produce 20 jars of peanut butter per individual (PHP 1,770 needed per individual).

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Project Details:

Peanut Butter Making Livelihood Program for most women lost their jobs due to the pandemic.

Total Cost: Php 54,841.00

Donation Code: LivelihoodSampaloc2

Methods of Giving:
PHP 0.00 PHP 54,841.00

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Donation Code: LivelihoodSampaloc2

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Bank of the Philippines - Edsa Greenhills

Gawad Kalinga Community Development Foundation, Inc.

3101 0977 56

3104 0162 34
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Donation Code: LivelihoodSampaloc2
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Important Note:

Take a screenshot of your payment and send proof of transaction along with donation code to