Support 30 fishermen in Barangay Sabang to have their own fishing equipment ("kalikot")

Sabang, Calabanga, Camarines Sur

Livelihood, Food Sufficiency

The residents of Barangay Sabang in Calabanga, Camarines Sur mainly depend on fishing as their main source of livelihood. One of their more income-generating products would be "alamang" or shrimp paste. Each of the thirty (30) families in this community would earn an average of PHP 2,000-3,000 by harvesting shrimp for "alamang". However, despite being a community that heavily relies on fishing, the residents still lack tools and resources to properly equip them for their day-to-day harvest, especially the shrimp.

In late 2020, the two consecutive super typhoons Rolly and Ulysses devastated this already a resource-challenged fishing community. While they are doing their best to recover, on top of the limitations imposed by the ongoing pandemic, they still lack key tools such as the "Kalikot" to maximize their harvest for shrimp during the Habagat season when the sea's temperament is calmer. The provision of this tool is certain to help maximize the potential of each fisherman in harvesting shrimp and would result in more income that will help their families and community rise from poverty.

This project aims to provide 30 fishermen with "Kalikot" which has an average lifespan of three (3) years. Each "Kalikot" would cost PHP 1,150 to produce, which would bring the total amount needed for this project to PHP PHP 34,500.

Barangay Walang Iwanan, in partnership with the Barangay Officials of Sabang, launches its campaign to help 30 fisher folks in providing “Kalikot” — a tool for catching “Alamang” shrimp paste or known as “Bagoong."

Barangay Sabang, Calabanga is known for fishing, as the majority of its residents are fishers. Despite most of them being fisherfolk, they lack the tools needed to properly harvest Alamang. Thus, the provision of this tool is certain to maximize the potential of each fisherman in harvesting Alamang and would likely increase their profits as a result that will help their families rise from poverty.

Together with Triskelion, Idash youth in Action, and Barangay officials of Sabang, Calabanga. We have distributed to thirty (30) fisherfolks affected by the Typhoons Rolly and Ulysses the tool “Kalikot” last May 26, 2021. The beneficiaries were very much grateful to all people who donated to complete the funds. They will no longer borrow the tool from other fishermen and it is a great help in their daily lives, because of your help they can help their families rise out of poverty.

Together, we can end poverty.
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Let’s help fishermen who have been devastatingly affected by recent storms; to have their own tool ("kalikot") for catching shrimp (alamang).

Total Cost: Php 34,500.00

Donation Code: LivelihoodSabang

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PHP 34,500.00 PHP 34,500.00

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