Building safer roads and easier access for the community of Barangay Naparaan in Eastern Samar

Naparaan, Salcedo , Eastern Samar

Community Infrastructure, Cultur & Tourism

GK Naparaan Village in Brgy. Naparaan, Salcedo, Eastern Samar was turned over on September 25, 2005, with around 55 families. It is located in a slightly elevated area 250-300m from the main highway. It is a farming community that was once tagged as the vegetable basket in Salcedo and nearby towns. But due to Super Typhoon Yolanda (Haiyan) in 2013, the village was destroyed including their vegetable garden and their crops.

As they moved on to the next chapter of their lives, their houses were repaired and some new houses were built. They also started to replant and regrow vegetables and crops for consumption and economic sustainability. They also repaired their fish ponds with the help and financial support of French Volunteers who stayed with them for almost two months through GK’s internship program.

But because of the soil composition in the area, which is muddy/clay, they find it hard to transport their products outside the community especially during the rainy season. The road to and from the village is an accident-prone area. There were many incidents that their vehicles slipped which caused injuries. Even while walking, they find it hard too due to the slippery muddy road. Thus, they proposed a project to concretized the road to and from the village for easy transport of goods and basic necessities. To boost tourists and community visitors, following health protocols of course. And also, for quick access to the emergency response team.

The total cost of materials needed for this project is PHP 324, 450.00. These materials include cement, sand, gravel, coco lumber, and steel bars. With costs of labor and other operational needs, the total amount of the project is PHP 401,731.00.

Tags: Community Infrastructure
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Let us help the residents of Barangay Naparaan to repair their roads to revitalize their livelihood through smooth and safe transportation.

Total Cost: Php 401,731.00

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