Help the students of Barangay Bansalan cope with online learning through a signal booster

Banlasan, Trinidad, Bohol


One year after the pandemic disrupted the educational system and forced teachers and students alike to continue their curriculum online, a lot of students in the country still struggle because of the lack of internet connectivity in rural areas. This is the problem of the students from the Pedro and Patricia Lim GK Village in Purok 3, Banlasan Trinidad, Bohol.

While they are in an elevated area, their internet/mobile data connection is very weak which makes it a challenge for students in this community to pursue classes online. They are seeking for support to purchase an internet signal booster to be installed in their area to enable their youth to continue attending their online classes and not have to stop pursuing their education.

Apart from the help this will provide the students, the community also aims to utilize this facility to promote their local products online, which they are currently having a difficulty doing because of their very weak internet signal.

The signal booster costs PHP 4,000 and with all the labor and additional materials needed to set up this facility, the total cost is PHP 8,195.10.

Let’s help more communities adapt to today’s circumstances by helping them gain access to basic technology.
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Tags: Education
Project Details:

An aid for the students of Trinidad, Bohol to study better by having a strong signal for their online learning.

Total Cost: Php 8,195.00

Methods of Giving:
PHP 8,195.00 PHP 8,195.00