Mushroom Farming for Barangay Pamukid Livelihood Program

Pamukid, San Fernando, Camarines Sur

Livelihood, Opportunities

The Gawad Kalinga Abanggayon Village in Barangay Pamukid, San Fernando, Camarines Sur is one of the communities that was severely affected by Typhoon Tisoy in late 2019. While the families have worked very hard to recover from this calamity in the recent year, some parts of their community were not attended to immediately. One of those is their multi-purpose hall, which has been left in a dilapidated state due to the challenges in sourcing financial resources.

In partnership with the Barangay Officials and the University of Nueva Caceres, the community has discovered their potential in mushroom farming. This livelihood program shall provide additional income or an alternative source of livelihood to five selected families (through an established selection criteria) in order to help uplift their socioeconomic status. In addition, a portion of the profits from the said program shall form part of the community fund, which shall accordingly contribute to other projects that shall aid other families in the village.

The mushroom farmers were previously able to maximize the production of mushroom. However, due to the typhoon Tisoy that hit them in December 2019, they are for mushroom cultivation was greatly devastated which put the production and the entire program to a halt. Through this program, the community will be utilizing the multi-purpose hall as a mushroom house and be guided by their partners through training and technology to enhance and improve their mushroom production capabilities.

They are still in need of funding for their solar panel system and fruiting bags amounting to PHP 37,000. We hope to be able to establish a sustainable livelihood program and help Barangay Pamukid rise out of poverty.

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Project Details:

Mushroom Farming as a means of livelihood for the residents of Barangay Pamukid to aid in community recovery from recent calamities.

Total Cost: Php 69,030.00

Donation Code: LivelihoodPamukid

Methods of Giving:
PHP 50,150.00 PHP 69,030.00

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Donation Code: LivelihoodPamukid

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