Build a Warehouse facility for the farmers in Cagayan, Aparri, Paddaya

Aparri, Cagayan

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Barangay Paddaya is located in one of the northernmost parts of the Luzon island - Appari, Cagayan. This particular community is by the ocean but is still quite accessible by land. The majority of the residents here are farmers, but there are also a good number of households that rely on fishing.

Farmers here are part of a group called Paddaya Dodan Irrigators Association. To help with their day-to-day operations, the local barangay unit allotted funding to start building a multi-purpose facility mainly to help the 600 farmers with gathering and storing their crops. From hereon, the barangay aims to shift the way of trading - instead of selling their own crops (which can be limited at times), they have found a more collective way to conduct their trading that may result in higher income for the families.

Unfortunately, the budget allotted is not sufficient to be able to complete the whole project. For more than a year now, the construction has been put on hold and so the multi-purpose facility cannot be used for its intended purpose. The lack of roofing and other furnishing does not make it conducive for crop storage.

The farmers, residents, and local government units have all worked together to make this facility happen. Through this project, the farmers hope to have space where they can store their crops and build the farmers’ association further by providing better livelihood opportunities to Barangay Padaya’s residents.
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Tags: Farming, Agriculture
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Help the farmers of Cagayan, Aparri, Paddaya to finish their Warehouse.

Total Cost: Php 220,530.00

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