Rebuilding Water System for 200 families in Barangay Loakan Proper

Loakan Proper, Baguio City , Benguet

Clean Water

Located near the Loakan Airport in Baguio City, Barangay Loakan Proper is the third largest barangay in the city with a population of 15,000 residents. It's quite accessible to anyone who would like to visit as it is near some of the city's famous tourist destinations.

Barangay Captain Eduoard Cayetano, along with older members of the community, recently raised a problem - an inefficient water system in Sitio Magsaysay. Currently, the 200 families residing in this community obtain their daily source of water supply from a deep well which only gets replenished naturally overnight. Everyday, families line up by the well to manually get water from the it using a rope and pail. This is the only source of water they have and it does not guarantee supply as it will only depend on how much water the deep well contains as they gather.

One can only imagine life without water and this community is currently struggling to obtain sufficient water supply for their daily use. The barangay officials and the residents of Sitio Magsaysay are hoping to be able to develop a more efficient water system that will no longer require the residents to manually pull water from the deep well using a pail. Through this project, they aim to develop a pump system to allow water to flow through installing pipes and hoses for a more convenient access for the residents.
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Project Details:

Water System for Residents of Laoakan Proper, Baguio City, Benguet

Total Cost: Php 35,400.00

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PHP 0.00 PHP 35,400.00