Rebuilding Water System for 200 families in Barangay Loakan Proper

Loakan Proper, Baguio City , Benguet

Clean Water

Located near the Loakan Airport in Baguio City, Barangay Loakan Proper is the third largest barangay in the city with a population of 15,000 residents. It's quite accessible to anyone who would like to visit as it is near some of the city's famous tourist destinations.

Barangay Captain Eduoard Cayetano, along with older members of the community, recently raised a problem - an inefficient water system in Sitio Magsaysay. Currently, the 200 families residing in this community obtain their daily source of water supply from a deep well which only gets replenished naturally overnight. Everyday, families line up by the well to manually get water from the it using a rope and pail. This is the only source of water they have and it does not guarantee supply as it will only depend on how much water the deep well contains as they gather.

One can only imagine life without water and this community is currently struggling to obtain sufficient water supply for their daily use. The barangay officials and the residents of Sitio Magsaysay are hoping to be able to develop a more efficient water system that will no longer require the residents to manually pull water from the deep well using a pail. Through this project, they aim to develop a pump system to allow water to flow through installing pipes and hoses for a more convenient access for the residents.

The water system in Laokan Proper was completed last April 29, 2022 through the “Bayanihan” efforts of the residents. It took longer than the allotted period to construct the facility as they have encountered several challenges along the way. When the project began, a spike in cases of positive covid-19 patients in the city led to the implementation of a lockdown within the community for two weeks. There were also difficulties in the procurement of materials for the water system, especially the culvert. Another hindrance was that the Department of Public Works and Highways (DPWH) closed the road leading to their community for two weeks, delaying the delivery of culvert further. Lastly, due to frequent rains, the residents were unable to begin construction.

Despite the challenges, they never gave up and were optimistic that the construction would be completed. The community members did not seek for external help and voluntarily gave their free time on Sundays in order to work together in building this water facility. While the men persevered in the construction, the women took the initiative to cook hearty meals for them in order to provide them with strength while they took on this project for the community.

The residents of Loakan Proper are very grateful to DELTEK Philippines and other stakeholders for the contribution to address this life-changing need in their community. It is more convenient for them now to obtain their necessary supply of water for daily use.

When kindness is multiplied, it will encourage more people to help one another, especially the poor.

“Walang maiiwan kung lahat tayo ay magtutulungan”. Thank you for not leaving Barangay Loakan Proper behind!
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Water System for Residents of Laoakan Proper, Baguio City, Benguet

Total Cost: Php 39,269.00

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PHP 39,269.00 PHP 39,269.00

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Donation Code: WaterSystemLaokanProper

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