Healthy Meals for 300 Kids from Daramuangan Norte, Isabela

Daramuangan Norte, San Mateo, Isabela

Feeding Program

Barangay Daramuangan Norte, San Mateo, Isabela is located 378 kilometers north of Metro Manila. It is a small community situated along the Maharlika Highway or National Road and in close proximity to the Magat River, a tributary to the Cagayan River. It is quite accessible by an 8-10 hour bus ride or an hour by plane via Cauayan City Airport.

Government data shows that out of 584 families living in the barangay, there are 86 families considered as indigent and 54 families are currently living in makeshift shanties. As of today, poverty, especially hunger, is prevalent.

Prior to the ongoing pandemic, farm laborers were slowly being displaced by farm machineries which are now performing tasks that used to provide a living to residents of this community. In order to continue to support their families, people relied on opportunities found outside of this barangay, even beyond their province. However, because of the travel restrictions caused by the pandemic, they are forced to stay at home and are limited within their communities while waiting for the situation to normalize so they can travel again. As a result, poverty statistics in the area worsened as the number of families who did not have a stable source of income dramaticaly increased.

Hunger incidence has also increased, especially among the most vulnerable - the children. Through this program, we aim to be able to provide healthy meals to 300 children of Barangay Daramuangan Norte. A community kitchen to be run by volunteer parents will be operating daily for 120 days to ensure that hot and nutritious lunch meals are served continuously.
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Project Details:

Community Kitchen for 300 kids in Daramuangan Norte, Isabela with Volunteer Parents to prepare Lunch Meals

Total Cost: Php 720,000.00

Methods of Giving:
PHP 75,000.00 PHP 720,000.00