Build A Community Rice Center

Ambolong, Batan , Aklan


Barangay Ambolong belongs to the third class living standard. Thirty percent of the total land is composed of farms that most of the residents cultivate for production of rice, mostly. Their farms rely on the rains to grow their produce, but because there is no proper irrigation system installed to water the fields, this becomes a challenge. In seasons where the weather is mostly dry, farmers lose a big percentage of their income.

In addition, during "El Nino", farmers and their families don't only lose their income. They also experience hunger. In a country like ours, farmers who plant rice don't always get to eat their products because they'd rather sell it to the market to sustain their families' needs. In the end, when they don't produce enough crops, they also don't get to eat complete meals throughout the day because they cannot afford the increasing prices in commodities today.

Through building a Rice Production Center, the leaders of Barangay Ambolong aim to help their farming community establish a local business selling rice at more affordable rates compared to the regular market. Rice from this center will be sourced from the local farmers, which means that they are able to secure their income without having to deal with the processes of selling them outside of their communities. The affordable rates will also enable their families to consume rice they have produced, lowering the rate of hunger especially during the season of drought.
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Tags: Livelihood
Project Details:

Sustainable Rice Production Center for Residents of Barangay Ambolong

Total Cost: Php 165,000.00

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