Mushroom Cultivation of Barangay San Nicolas, Tapaz, Capiz

San Nicolas, Tapaz, Capiz

Sustainable Livelihood

San Nicolas, Tapaz, Capiz
Mushroom Cultivation
San Nicolas farmers Association started this Livelihood project in partnership with CAPSU- Tapaz to support the income of 125 farmers of the barangay. Due to limited resources, they are using approximately 1000 fruiting bags that can produce more or less 5 kilos of mushroom every week in a makeshift mushroom house where cultivation is not ideal to produce more products . It is their aim to expand their project to help more families in their barangay.

235,000 pesos
Under Maintenance
Tags: Sustainable, Livelihood, Community, opportunity
Project Details:

Expansion of existing livehood program

Total Cost: Php 235,000.00

Methods of Giving:
PHP 0.00 PHP 235,000.00