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Allen, Northern Samar


Sixty households in Frederick, Allen, Northern Samar do not have sanitary toilets. The residents solely rely on improvised comfort rooms situated in their respective backyards.

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Toilet Bowl: P800.00 x 60pcs = P48,000.00
Cement: P237.00 x 4bags/family = P948.00 x 60 families = P56,880.00

Aling Milagros, a resident in Frederick, stated that her family has a cubicle made of dilapidated wood at the back of their house. The cubicle serves as their toilet. It has cracked pail and water dipper inside. However, it does not have toilet bowl, good enough supply of water, and other necessities of a comfortable toilet. This regrettable condition is not limited to Aling Milagros’ household. There are more than sixty (60) families that suffer from unhygienic practices.

Because of the unhealthy and contaminated lifestyle, people in Frederick are reported to suffer from different kinds of diseases. Thus, it is imperative that this community be installed with well-structured comfort rooms with functioning toilet bowls. It is also important to provide health awareness training and seminars that would empower the people to promote a healthy and hygienic community. The appropriate government agencies and community leaders would be the forefront of this endeavor. Through this collaborative effort, people in Frederick would be able to live healthier and more comfortable lives.


Thank you, SAN BEDA COLLEGE OF LAW 1992 ALUMNI ASSOCIATION, for providing the inhabitants of Hernani Eastern Samar in Barangay Frederick with a toilet room. One of the primary necessities of the home, residents may now have proper sanitation for their families, resulting in a healthier environment.

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When an act of kindness multiplies, it helps more people. Everyone can help, no matter how small or big. As long as it comes from the heart, we can persuade more people to help. Financial scarcity is not an obstacle to helping those who are in need.

Forty families in Frederick, Eastern Samar received comfort room materials. The construction started in November 2021 and finished in April 2022. The construction caused a slight delay because the community experienced some rigors. The majority of tropical disturbances in 2021 occurred in the Visayas and Mindanao Islands; nonetheless, the Island of Samar is afflicted by inclement weather, causing delays in the delivery of construction materials. Also, due to the pandemic and high prices, most of the recipients' priorities are to make ends meet rather than to establish their bathrooms.

Despite the difficulties they have faced, the operations teams and some of the recipients worked to accomplish the construction of their toilets, so that they could live in healthy and comfortable homes.

The 20 families have already set up their restrooms before the comfort room supplies are distributed. The operations teams chose to distribute the allotment of the 20 households among the remaining 40 families since they lack the funds to complete the construction of adequate toilets and cannot afford to purchase the necessary building supplies. Instead of a bowl and two sacks of cement, they add steel bars so that the forty families can save money and begin building their toilets.

The villagers of Barangay Frederick want to express their gratitude to SAN BEDA COLLEGE OF LAW 1992 ALUMNI ASSOCIATION and all the stakeholders for assisting them in having a cozy home. Families who benefited from this effort may now provide good sanitation for a safer environment. Their dignity has been restored because they can defecate and urinate in the privacy of their own houses.

Thank you, SAN BEDA COLLEGE OF LAW 1992 ALUMNI ASSOCIATION, for your generosity and for not leaving the citizens of Frederick, Eastern Samar Behind. May your open-handedness multiply so that we can build more resilient communities.
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Construct Toilet

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PHP 123,758.00 PHP 123,758.00

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