Solar street lights for the residents of GK Li'l Baguio, New Katipunan in Davao de Oro

New Katipunan, Maragusan, Compostela Valley

Environment, Culture and Tourism

By providing a bright walkway, you can help the inhabitants of GK Li'l Baguio feel more secure walking home at night. Installing solar streetlights will provide a well-lighted walkway in an innovative and ecologically friendly approach.

GK Li'l Baguio is located in Maragusan, New Katipunan, Davao de Oro. The region is renowned for its wide variety of exquisite and rare flowers. This neighborhood gained a lot of popularity during the lockdown back in 2020 because it is home to numerous different species of flowers and plants. Even individuals from Luzon who enjoy home gardening frequently purchase plants from them. The "Sea of Cloud Views" mountains, which are in the nearby barangays of Cool and Araibo, are also visible from this area. The barangay's entrance road is paved and accessible by any vehicle, making it easier to reach the place.

The dark road has been a concern for the locals for almost ten years. Because the road leading to their neighborhood is unlit, most of them are afraid to travel there at night. Residents are worried since some of them have experienced holdups in the community due to the darkness while crossing the dark roadway. The people also have trouble walking due to the obscurity of the area, which makes it difficult for the locals to walk, especially when returning home from their jobs on the banana plantation because most of them come home late at night. The students also find it challenging to stroll on dark streets when they have to go to school early and return home late at night.

Installing solar street lamps in GK Li'l Baguio's walkways would make the locals feel more secure. Your generosity will give them hope that one day their modest town will shine brightly at night because of the solar lamps installed on their streets.

Tags: Affordable Energy, Zero Exclusion, Environment
Project Details:

A fundraising drive aimed at illuminating the dark roadways of Barangay Maragusan.

Total Cost: Php 212,440.00

Donation Code: NewKatipunanSolarLight

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Donation Code: NewKatipunanSolarLight

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Bank of the Philippines - Edsa Greenhills

Gawad Kalinga Community Development Foundation, Inc.

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