Provide easy access to a water source for 45 families affected by the 2019 Mindanao earthquake.

Sulop, Davao del Sur

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Help 45 families in GK Buguis in Sulop, Davao del Sur, regain easy access to a water source with the help of two water tanks that will catch rainwater. The catastrophic Mindanao earthquake in 2019 left this community in despair. The deep well, which had been the community's water source, was destroyed.

"Buguis" was derived from a large tree that could be found in this neighborhood in the late 1950s. It serves as a haven for various creatures, including wild boar and other birds, which are popular with the locals. The B'laan tribe elders named their barrio after this large tree since the locals placed a high significance on it.

Locals in this town are still having difficulty acquiring water, which is one of our basic needs, three years after the 2019 Mindanao earthquake. Because the earthquake significantly damaged the community's main water supply. Since then, they've obtained water from Jetmatic, which is 300 meters away from this community. Although the owner of the Jetmatic water system provides the water for free, the people still struggle to gather it every day for their daily needs because it is distant and downhill.

The community and barangay officials searched for an alternative solution to aid the residents with their water issues. They decided to use the gymnasium for rainwater harvesting during the monsoon season, and they will require two water tanks to collect the rainwater. This rainwater will last about two weeks.

By supporting this initiative, you will help the inhabitants of GK Buguis have easier access to water. Help us create more eco-sustainable communities.

Tags: Zero exclusion, Clean Water, Health, Environment
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This initiative intends to generate funds for two water tanks that would collect rainwater to help 45 households in Barangay Buguis, Davao del Sur.

Total Cost: Php 44,876.00

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