Repainting of houses in a fishing community in Katipunan, Zamboange del Norte

Katipunan, Zamboanga Del Norte

Culture and Tourism, Environment, Livelihood Development

A fishing community in Barangay San Antonio, Katipunan, Zamboanga Del Norte is raising funds in order to bring back color within their community, whose structures have been weathered down through the years especially due to their proximity to the sea. This community is located near the national highway which allows it to be easily accessible not only to the locals, but to tourists as well.

60 families currently reside in this area of Barangay San Antonio. This community has always taken the initiative to help one another, especially during challenging times that result from natural calamities such as flooding. Being surrounded by bodies of water, they often experience flooding during typhoon season. Water would enter their homes and would cause plenty of damage within their community, affecting their source of livelihood as well. Within themselves, they have established a program called “Tabo” which is a community fundraising effort to help members who require urgent needs, such as bereaved families and those whose members were involved in accidents. They also conduct monthly clean-up drives where officials, volunteers, and the youth are involved in to help mitigate damages resulting from calamities.

This year, they are taking on a project to refurbish weathered down structures within the community by repainting. The project aims to repaint three houses, fences, a statue of Jose Rizal, and a small park. The total cost of the project is PHP 49,361.00, which will be used to procure painting materials.

Tags: Zero Exclusion, Culture and Tourism, Environment, Livelihood Development
Project Details:

A project for beautification of the weathered down structures in Katipunan, Zamboanga del Norte.

Total Cost: Php 49,361.00

Donation Code: RepaintSanAntonioZdN

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PHP 0.00 PHP 49,361.00

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Donation Code: RepaintSanAntonioZdN

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Bank of the Philippines - Edsa Greenhills

Gawad Kalinga Community Development Foundation, Inc.

3101 0977 56

3104 0162 34
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Donation Code: RepaintSanAntonioZdN
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Take a screenshot of your payment and send proof of transaction along with donation code to