Fundraising project for the construction of students' holding area in Pandan Central Elementary School and Patria Elementary School in Pandan, Antique.


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The District of Pandan in the province of Antique has been extremely challenged in the past two years because of the Covid-19 pandemic. The Pandan Central Elementary School (which accommodates 860 students including special education classes) and the Patria Elementary School (which accommodates 237 students) are especially affected as their faculty and students have had to adjust to online learning throughout. However, as they start preparing for possibly holding classes in person again, they see the need to improve certain facilities of the schools, such as the holding area which will provide a secure and comfortable space for the children to wait for their parents to fetch them.

Both Pandan Central Elementary School and Patria Elementary School are two of the largest in Pandan, Antique in terms of the student population. They are easily accessible by children and they have no trouble finding transportation to go to school. The common living sources for families in the area are fishing, farming, and sari-sari stores, and some are employed in establishments around the municipality. These schools also cater to learners from different barangays. This is why they have been known to have some of the largest enrollment numbers in all elementary schools in their district. Pandan Central Elementary School, in particular, offers special education (SPED) classes to identified learners who cannot cope with the activities conducted in regular classes. The dedication and passion of faculty members in both schools are evident and have definitely created a big impact in the surrounding communities.

This project aims to raise funds for a holding facility to accommodate students in both schools as they transition back to face-to-face classes. We hope to be able to raise the excitement among the children as they aim to continue their education to pursue their dreams. #BarangayWalangIwanan


Thank you, to all the stakeholders, for helping the students, parents, and school staff of Pandan Central Elementary School and Patria Elementary School in Pandan, Antique, build their school holding areas. These facilities were a big help for the teachers and students in preventing them from contracting COVID by allowing early detection of signs and symptoms before entering the premises.

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The building of the school holding spaces in Pandan Central School and Patria Elementary School was finished on August 21, 2022. The construction of the facility for Pandan Central School was very timely for the school year 2022-2023 because the outdoor retractable tent that they were using before was destroyed by strong winds brought by Typhoon Ester.

At Patria Elementary School, the funding for the screening area project was increased and used to build handwashing areas next to the existing building. These increased the number of available faucets from the original five to ten.
These two schools are now fully operational for the face-to-face classes that began on November 2, 2022. The school's waiting area is utilized to protect teachers and students from contracting COVID by identifying signs and symptoms before entering the premises.

Parents, students, and the school staff were very thankful to all the stakeholders because their school is much safer now because of these facilities.

You are a blessing to the students and teachers of Patria Elementary School and Pandan Central School. Your generosity left a lasting impression on them, and some of them might go on to help other people in the future.
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A fundraising drive to build the holding area in Pandan Central Elementary School and Patria Elementary School in, Antique, for students, teachers, and their parents.

Total Cost: Php 50,000.00

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PHP 50,000.00 PHP 50,000.00

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