Help the 40 students at Topdac Elementary School in Atok, Benguet study better in school with new armchairs.

Topdac, Atok , Benguet

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Topdac Elementary School is a small school in Topdac, Atok, Benguet, managed and maintained by a lean staff composed of eight committed faculty members and local stakeholders who are passionate about the well-being of its students. The faculty is constituted by seven teachers and one school head. There are a total of 117 students attending this school.

The students of Topdac Elementary School are dedicated to obtain their education as they would have to hike several kilometers a day in order to attend their classes: 24 students are from Nalseb, Topdac who have to hike 5 kilometers to go to school; 42 students are from Paul, Topdac who have to hike 3 kilometers; another 7 are from Tamocmoc, Topdac who have to hike 1.5 kilometers; 11 come from Abiang who hike 2 kilometers; and lastly 33 come from the town proper of Topdac who would still have to hike 1 kilometer everyday.

Recently, while the school was being renovated, around 40 wooden armchairs were placed outside the classrooms. This exposed the chairs to the harsh weather. The chairs are now mostly dilapidated mainly due to continuous rain in the area and are unusable for the students of Topdac. This project aims to raise funds in order to purchase new chairs and help Topdac Elementary School prepare for the coming school year.

These children diligently hikes everyday to go to school. We hope to be able to help them experience a good quality of education. Let’s help them achieve their dreams. The total cost for purchasing chairs for 40 students is PHP 50,852.00.

Thank you, B1G1 GIVING, INC., for helping the learners at Topdac Elementary School. The teachers, especially the pupils, were ecstatic and excited to use their new table desks. It was a great help for them, especially considering that this school year they will attend face-to-face sessions.

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When an act of kindness multiplies, it helps more people. Everyone can help, no matter how small or big. As long as it comes from the heart, we can persuade more people to help. Financial scarcity is not an obstacle to helping those who are in need.


The fabrication of 40 table desks was completed on August 21, 2022, and delivered to the Topdac Elementary School on August 22, 2022. It was handed in at the beginning of the face-to-face class. Both teachers and pupils were happy and excited to use it. The other damaged armchairs that as repaired during the GK BAYANI CHALLENGE were also delivered to different classes and are used by students now.

The carpenters encounter difficulties while constructing the tables, causing a delay in the delivery. Heavy rains and an earthquake hit the province. Because of the earthquake, some roads were closed making it difficult for the carpenters to find additional materials for the tables. Fortunately, the school and the place where the tables were built were not damaged. Second, some workers became ill, causing the construction to be delayed. Third, the delivery got delayed due to heavy rain. Despite the challenges, the carpenters work hard to complete and deliver the tables on time because they know the students will be excited to return to school after two years of distance learning.

Teachers and school personnel were grateful to B1G1 GIVING, INC. and other stakeholders for providing brand-new table desks to their students. Teachers want to help their students by teaching them and making them feel at ease while at school. A comfortable school is similar to a comfortable home; students can study more effectively if they are not concerned that the table they will be using is not broken. They will be able to improve their lives and emerge from poverty through the knowledge they learn in school. They will never forget the kindness you showed them, and some of them may even help others in the future.

Thank you, B1G1 GIVING, INC. for being God's instrument and a blessing to the pupils and teachers of Topdac Elementary School.
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Students at Topdac Elementary School will be able to focus on learning by replacing damaged armchairs with new ones.

Total Cost: Php 50,852.00

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