Refurbishing of 42 houses in GK Sacred Heart of Jesus in Panabo City, Davao del Norte

Nanyo, Panabo City, Davao del Norte

Culture and Tourism, Environment, Livelihood Development

GK Sacred Heart of Jesus (GK SHJ) is a community that was awarded to the current residents in September 2005 or 17 years ago. It is located in Purok Lettuce, Brgy. Nanyo, Panabo City, Davao del Norte and is only 15 minutes away by tricycle from the Panabo Old Public Market. It is near a river, which enables the community to build a healthy vegetable farm and flower garden.

There are 42 houses built here with a Library, a Sibol school, a Multi-purpose Hall, a Chapel, and a Guest House. Each family that resides in this community has life-changing stories to tell, especially since most of them came from the classification of "poorest among the poor" before moving to GK SHJ. Here, you will find various vegetation and flowers in their community and home gardens. This community has already won several garden/greenery competitions around Panabo City and Region XI and has established itself as one of the tourist spots in the area. Visitors may see their bountiful gardens and learn more about the field of gardening. A lot of these visitors are also students and trainees from the Department of Agriculture XI.

Considering that the homes were turned over 17 years ago, the houses here are starting to lose their original paint since they have never been repainted. The residents have considered this to be one of their upcoming projects to continue attracting visitors to their community and being able to host them in a lively atmosphere. Apart from the 42 houses, this project will also include the materials to refurbish other facilities such as the Sibol school, Multi-purpose Hall, Chapel, and Guest House.

The project's total cost is PHP 70,939.00 to be used to purchase painting supplies.

We were thankful to all of the stakeholders and volunteers who helped to restore the beauty and brilliance of the colors in the houses of GK Sacred Heart of Jesus.

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The refurbishing of 42 houses in GK Sacred Heart of Jesus started on May 29, 2022, and ended on June 1, 2022. The repainting was completed in a small space of time with the participation of GK Bayani Challenge participants and volunteers.

Their houses were not repainted for nearly 17 years because the majority of the villagers' income was only enough for their daily needs, and the beautification of their houses was always put off.

Their neighborhood used to be a popular tourist destination in their barangay due to the beautiful backyards filled with a variety of flowers and vegetables and vibrant homes. Visitors frequently visit their charming communities, although some of the inhabitants are a little concerned because the color of their houses has already faded. People continue to come to their area because of their lovely backyards and friendly community. However, as the years went by, the color of their houses ultimately faded.

The residents were delighted and grateful to the volunteers and stakeholders in this painting initiative for restoring their neighborhood to lovely and pleasant again. As the country gradually opens the cities to tourists, the residents will confidently and happily welcome their visitors to their small but exquisite community.

Thank you for not leaving the villagers of Sacred Heart of Jesus behind.
Tags: Culture and Tourism, Environment, Livelihood Development, Zero Exclusion
Project Details:

This project aims to refurbish 42 houses to attract more tourists and generate income for the residents of Barangay Nanyo, Panabo City, in Davao del Norte.

Total Cost: Php 70,939.00

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