Build a cliff wall to keep the residents of Barangay Bolibol safe and their houses secure

Bolibol, Oroquieta City, Misamis Occidental

Disaster Response, Community infrastructure, Environment

GK Bolibol is located in Barangay Bolibol in the city of Oroquieta City, Misamis Occidental. This small community is surrounded by both the sea and the mountains, but it is easily accessible. 30 families live in the area.

Prior to the establishment of the community of GK Bolibol, the residents rented homes from different barangays in Oroquieta City. Some of them obtained their livelihood from farming and driving tricycles, which posed financial limitations in enabling them to own a home for their family. Through the kindness of donors, these 30 families were able to receive houses that they can each call their home.

However, a nearby ravine threatens the safety of the homes and residents of GK Bolibol, especially the children. There was an incident once when a child almost fell down the ravine only because he was trying to retrieve his slippers. Fortunately, his mother saw it and avoided a dangerous accident from happening. It becomes even more concerning when there are continuous rains because of the potential risk of experiencing soil erosion or landslides that might destroy their homes.

Villagers have taken the initiative to keep the affected areas safe by planting fruit trees to reduce the possibility of soil erosion. However, planting trees is still not sufficient for their safety, especially during strong monsoons and typhoons.
They are seeking support in order to build a safer community for their children.

The project will cost PHP 106,617.09. This will be used to purchase various construction materials such as cement, sand, gravel, tie wires, and de-form bars. We hope to help GK Bolibol build a safer environment for their families.

Tags: Disaster Response, Community infrastructure, Environment
Project Details:

The project aims to build a cliff wall to ensure the safety of the people of Barangay Bolibol, Misamis Occidental who live beside a dangerous ravine.

Total Cost: Php 106,617.00

Donation Code: CliffwallBolibol

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PHP 0.00 PHP 106,617.00

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Donation Code: CliffwallBolibol

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