Support kitchen volunteers in New Katipunan, Maragusan, Davao de Oro, in rebuilding their community kitchen.

New Katipunan, Maragusan, Compostela Valley

Child and Youth Development, Food sufficiency, Anti-hunger

The community of Lil Baguio can be found in the barangay of New Katipunan, which is located in the terrains of Maragusan, Davao de Oro. The weather here is generally cooler turning it into a haven for numerous species of flowers to bloom. This is actually one of the main sources of livelihood for the members of the community - selling flowers.

There are currently 132 families residing in this community. These families work together as one in ensuring the children in the community are well-nourished with meals everyday. There is an ongoing feeding program for 300 children, which they have been able to establish through resources that have been shared with them by various stakeholders. However, whenever it rains, they seem to be challenged in preparing meals for the children as they do not have any indoor structure available for this program. Each step of the preparation process is done outdoors, so when there is rain, the cooking preparations get delayed.

The children themselves also help in the preparations for the feeding program. Here we can see how the whole community really came together towards taking care of one another. Through this project, they aim to raise PHP 55,951.47 in order to build a simple facility that will enable them to proceed with their community kitchen operations regardless of the weather and also purchase basic kitchen equipment to ensure that they have all the tools they need to continue nourishing the children in their community.

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Project Details:

Help kitchen volunteers rebuild their local community kitchen into a more secure facility against rainshowers and thunderstorms.

Total Cost: Php 55,952.00

Donation Code: MealsNewKatipunan

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