Improve the Feeding Program in Barangay Latih, Sulu by providing lunch boxes to 60 children

Latih, Patikul, Sulu

Food sufficiency, Anti-hunger

Minis is an island community located in Barangay Latih, Patikul, Sulu. Geographically, it is part of Panglima Tahil, but politically, it is under Patikul. From Jolo, one can reach Minis through a 30-minute boat ride. It is rich in both scenic spots and marine resources, particularly lobsters which they sell to residents of Jolo and other buyers.

The island used to have some presence from the Abu Sayyaf Group (ASG), but when it was reported to the military, they were eventually freed and now live in peace.

Minis has been part of the CPG-GK Feeding Program, which ran from December 2020 to March 2021 (was put on hold during fasting period, but resumed recently). There used to be no schools in this island, resulting to children not having access to education. However, the Philippine Military put up a makeshift classroom where children learned through a multi-grade system. Later, they've received funding support for construction of a proper classroom. And from here, the children have continued getting academic support despite the difficult circumstances.

The community has shown great team work and solidarity, especially in ensuring that no one goes hungry. The feeding program has been carried out by the mothers and youth who even contribute to their pantry by giving vegetables, firewood, and etc. However, they still lack the resources, especially for providing proper lunch boxes to the 60 children under the feeding program.

Through this fundraising project, the community aims to raise 5,594.00 in order to purchase lunch boxes, which comes with a personal tumbler as well.

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Project Details:

Provision of lunch boxes for the 60 children of Minis in Barangay Latih, Patikul, Sulu

Total Cost: Php 5,594.00

Donation Code: LunchBoxLatih

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PHP 5,594.00 PHP 5,594.00

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Donation Code: LunchBoxLatih

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Bank of the Philippines - Edsa Greenhills

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