Provide Medical Supplies to the Duhat Barangay Health Center in Padre Burgos, Quezon

Duhat, Padre Burgos, Quezon Province

Good health and well being

"Barangay Duhat is a rural community located near a major highway leading to Lucena City in Quezon Province. It is home to seven (7) sub-communities or “purok” where a few of them are located in the terrains. Their main source of livelihood are farming and manual labor work such as construction, masonry, and etc.

There are 220 households, 315 families, and 924 individuals residing in this barangay. With the ongoing battle against Covid-19, the residents struggle to gain access to basic medical needs as the resources available in the local Barangay Health Center are limited. Their livelihood have been greatly affected, leaving most of them relying on farming while the restrictions have made other opportunities limited in the area. Residents of Barangay Duhat is already financially challenged due to the adjustments forced upon their lifestyle by the pandemic, and they even have less resources to use to address medical concerns.

This project aims to raise PHP 30,515.00 in order to equip the Barangay Duhat Health Center with basic medical supplies (medicine, face masks, etc.) to cater to the medical needs of the residents. Children and adults alike will gain access to free medical supplies upon the advice of the local medical team. Recipients are subject to check-ups in order to control the distribution of the limited supply.

In times where good health is critical, we hope to be able to provide the residents of Barangay Duhat with their medical needs to help mitigate the threat of Covid-19. "

Tags: Health, Zero Exclusion
Project Details:

In rural communities where financial resources are hard to get by, residents often neglect their health and focus their efforts towards feeding their families three times a day. This project aims to provide basic medical supply to the local Barangay Health Center in order to cater to health/medical needs of the residents for free.

Total Cost: Php 30,515.00

Donation Code: HealthCareDuhat

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