Build a Water Reservoir and Support 3 Communities

Camalig , Albay


Having no source of water, the farmers in Quirangay of Camalig, Albay put in a lot of effort to bring water to their rice fields and to their homes for survival.

Request Details:
1. Water Pump
- 42 Gallons
Cost: Php 12,000.00

2. PE Pipe
- ½ Diameter
- 900 meters
Cost: Php 8,000.00

3. Pressure Pump with Motor
Cost: Php 16,000.00

4. Cement
- 20 sacks

Cost: Php 220.00 per sack
5. Wash Gravel
- 4 cubic liters
Cost: Php 375.00 per cubic liter

6. Wash Sand
- 4 cubic liters
Cost: Php 250.00 per cubic liter

7. Skilled Workers’ Fee
Cost: Php 7,100.00

Total Cost: Php 50,000.00

Quirangay is in the foot of the majestic Mayon Volcano. Its residents survive through coconut and rice farming. The farmers would usually rent an electric pump to move water to the high grounds where their crops are. During the dry season, most of them would work on construction jobs, carpentry or masonry. Women would weave baskets and make doormats for extra cash.
Rain water is a blessing to these families. They all have their own improvised water storage and rain catchers. They would store water into anything they could.

The community’s only solar tank broke down and they are asking for help in building a new water reservoir with a 42-gallon pressure pump that can support the 268 families in the community—families from Purok 4, 6 and 7.The water reservoir will be built where it would be accessible to most of the families.

A Quirangay Farmers Association is currently being formed to help organize the families who would benefit from the said reservoir. Barangay Captain Elmer Grageda commits to organizing volunteer groups who would take turns with the reservoir’s maintenance. 'We are all grateful to those who are willing to help us get clean water to our community. Our local funds cannot support all our priority projects and your assistance of simply giving us a source of clean water means a lot – it enables us to focus more of our time in the farm than fetching water, it assures us of safe water that lessens our health worries and it gives hope of having a better life,' Elmer states.
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Project Details:

Potable Water System

Total Cost: Php 121,000.00

Methods of Giving:
PHP 0.00 PHP 121,000.00