Basic and Medical Needs for Native Tribe Dwellers

San Teodoro, Oriental Mindoro


The town of San Teodoro in Mindoro Oriental, Luzon is surrounded by mountains and forests, inhabited by native tribes who survive with bountiful crops. These bare-footed farmers walk far to the town proper to sell their harvest, enduring the heavy load on their shoulders because they cannot afford to pay for transportation. The only available transportation, tricycles, charge them expensively because there are no other options and no regular passengers to transport to and from their community in Barangay Saclag. A seven (7) kilometer walk is normal among these natives. Vehicles and public transportation rarely pass by their area, they need transportation, food, medicines, slippers and educational support.

- Multicab for all the patients that need to travel in the hospital
Medical needs:
1. Paracetamol 500mg (tablet)
2. Paracetamol 250mg (60ml)
3. Paracetamol drops
4. Cefalexin 500mg (capsule)
5. Cefalexin 250mg (60ml)
6. Salbu+Guia 60ml
7. Ambroxol drops
8. Salbutamol tablet
9. Cetirizine tablet
10. Cinnarizine tablet
11. Ambroxol tablet
12. Dycycloverine tablet
13. Metoclopramide tablet
14. Clonidine 75mg tablet
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Project Details:

Multicab and Medical Supplies

Total Cost: Php 181,500.00

Methods of Giving:
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