Save the Youth from Drug Addiction and Gang Violence

Mati, Davao Oriental


With a growing population of more than 14,000, Barangay Central’s main concern is the increasing number of youth getting involve with drugs and crime. The community leaders and task force has observed the rise of underage criminals and teenage fights caused by gang disputes. Despite government efforts to educate these young residents, the community leaders seek to heighten youth activities within Barangay Central.

Request Details:
Startup Package for GK Youth Camp
Startup Materials
1 Projector
1 Sound System Set (Portable)
Cost: Php 30,000.00
20-30 YOUTH
2 DAYS Meals (5 meals)
Materials (Manila Paper, Bond Papers, Pens, Markers, Yarn, etc.)
Cost: Php 30,500.00

*Sponsor 1 Youth for only Php 880.00

Gaby, now 20 years old, shares his desire to have youth programs. He recounts his youth days and desires that his siblings don’t have to undergone what he had been to. He states 'it is nice to know that there are youth programs to be implemented. I am happy for my younger siblings, friends and to those who would benefit from it.'

The barangay have proposed several youth productivity programs that will unite or lessen conflicts among the youth. With all funds allocated to main community priorities, the youth leaders cannot implement any of their proposed programs unless support and aid is given.
Gawad Kalinga has proposed to start with a good group of youth leaders with its two-day GK Youth Camp that will be replicated amongst the different existing youth organizations. The camp will enable them to create teams that would have routine service days and bonding activities.
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Total Cost: Php 60,500.00

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