Rescue 200 Youth from Teen Marriage, Drug Addiction and Juvenile Delinquency

Davao City, Davao


Barangay Malabog seeks assistance in diverting their children and youth’s attention from drugs, teen marriage and crime. Located about 2 hours from the urban district, the young residents of Malabog seem to be attracted with drugs and other non-healthy activities. The community asks for different youth and child programs that can make them much productive. One child states that they would be very much happy to have something to do besides playing with their slippers. He said that having a good place and a good game to play would be much more interesting. Thus, the SipaG program is proposed to be established in Malabog. GK SipaG (sipag meaning 'diligence') is a special project under the GK Child and Youth Development that seeks to develop underprivileged children through football or soccer. We hope to motivate these children to enroll in school, improve their grades and attend values formation sessions through sports. In doing so, we hope to transform these children into productive members of the society.

Same goes with their elder sisters and brothers. A youth camp will held to start the organization of the youth and to find good leaders who would help them create service activities that will benefit the whole community. Through these youth and child programs, Malabog will surely have less teen marriages, underage criminals and less or no youth violence.

These two programs will start with a few then replicated to different batches. The GK SipaG program will start with 20 kids and the GK Youth Program will start with 50 young men and women. They would serve as the first leaders for the target 200 kids and youth.

Request Details:
A. Startup SipaG Program for 20 Young Residents 20 Uniforms and Shoes with Soccer Balls Trainors Fees Cost: P60,500.00
B. GK YOUTH Organization : 50 Youth Attendees for Pilot Camp Food for 50 Youth Attendees Good for 2 Days (5 Meals) Materials for Workshops and Sessions (Bond Papers, Pens, Manila Paper, etc.) Cost: P60,500.00
Sponsor 1 Young Resident for the GK SipaG Program for only Php 3,025.00
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Project Details:


Total Cost: Php 121,000.00

Methods of Giving:
PHP 0.00 PHP 121,000.00