Clean Water Saves Lives! Save 400 Families, Build Their Water System

Dapitan City, Zamboanga Del Norte


Dapitan City in Zamboanga del Norte, Mindanao is rich in fruit crops but scarce in clean water source. The health condition in this community suffers due to diseases that result from the lack of water. Unfortunately, children’s health is mostly affected.

Request Details:
Sponsor 1 Family for their Potable Water Share Package of Php 5,000.00
Target: 400 Families Sponsored
2 Concrete Water Reservoir
1 Kilometer Piping from Water Source

There are about 400 families that rely from the adjacent villages' water sources. The distance and limited resources are factors that do not allow them to have enough supply. However, because of the diligence of community leaders, a new water source has been identified. It is one kilometer away from the center of the barangay. This new water source needs one or two reservoirs.
Help in funding the creation of two reservoirs and piping of the clean water is what's urgently needed.
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Tags: youth / empowerment / sports
Project Details:

Potable Water System

Total Cost: Php 2,420,000.00

Methods of Giving:
PHP 0.00 PHP 2,420,000.00