Fishing Boats

San Carlos City, Negros Occidental


The primary source of income of people in Sipaway Island, San Carlos City is fishing. Due to financial constraints and inaccessibility of education, they were not able to finish secondary level. Consequently, they resorted to fishing and make it a living.

Request Details:
2 Small Fishing Boat with Nets (Community Owned)
Cost: Php 60,500.00

Roberto Siamson Lumanog is one of the fisher folks in Sipaway Island. He is 43 years old and has three children. He has a family to support and feed. He also sends his children to school. He hopes his children finish until college. Hence, he goes out to the sea everyday. He works hard in order to provide for his family’s needs.

There are many other fishermen that share similar endeavor with Roberto. In fact, their community leader mentioned that they need fishing boats in order to sustain their livelihood. Also, they need assistance on bringing vocational education/skills trainings. The trainings will help them propagate their livelihood and make it even more productive.
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Project Details:

Fishing Equipment

Total Cost: Php 60,500.00

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PHP 0.00 PHP 60,500.00