Nourish 261 Children Back to Health

Tigbauan , Iloilo


Despite the presence of farming, undernourishment is noticeable among children in Barangay Bagacay. There are 261 children who are identified undernourished in the said area. Hence, the barangay leadership intends to establish a sustained feeding program through the Care Kitchen.

Request details:
1 meal a day (every lunch at school) = Php 16.00
Cost for one (1) child for 3 months = Php 1,056.00
Target number of meals: 17,226
Total target: 261 children for 3 months = Php 275,616 .00

The Care Kitchen will be supported by a productivity garden wherein the volunteers could grow vegetables. It will operate for three (3) months, from Mondays to Fridays, during lunchtime at school. In addition to these, the community will undergo a series of awareness forums on how to nourish their children.
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Project Details:

Kusina ng Kalinga

Total Cost: Php 275,616.00

Methods of Giving:
PHP 0.00 PHP 275,616.00