Clean Water for 100 Families

Caramoan, Camarines Sur


Support more than 100 Families to build their new potable water system to improve their way of life.

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- Donating Php 6050.00 will help one (1) family!

Located along the shorelines of Caramoan, Sitio Panga’s sources of fresh water are a few water wells scattered in the village. Joseph, a fisherman during good tides and a tour guide in summer, tells his story of walking 3.5 kilometers everyday to fetch drinking water. He shares that finding food and money for their needs is hard enough while on the other hand, looking for drinking water is just as hard. He adds that most of the adults are now used to drinking from the water wells and reserve the clean water for their children instead.
Although the water from the well is clean for laundry and cleaning purposes, it is still not potable. On rainy seasons, the water becomes murky and of no use. Their nearest clean and safe source of drinking water is located in the next barangays, about 2 to 3 kilometers away. Some travel to the urban district almost 6 kilometers far to purchase distilled or purified drinking water. Unfortunately, not all families can afford to travel to get fresh and clean water.

Through the ingenuity of the barangay captain, a water system that pipes potable water from the mountain side of Caramoan to Paniman has been proposed. This water system will not only be for Sitio Panga but the entire barangay of Paniman, supporting hundreds of families. A public faucet will be installed at the barangay hall for free and clean potable water.

(Access to clean water will not only improve their health. It would support their food related livelihood, it would lessen their expenses - diverting support to the education of their children, and it would give them more time for work and family.
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Portable Water System

Total Cost: Php 121,000.00

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