Healthy Lifestyle Change for the Youth

Santo Nino , Samar


Santo Niño is one of the poorest towns in Samar. Issues such as poverty and inaccessibility of education confront its residents. The youth, in particular, has high incidence of being out of school. Also, the youth does not experience motivation and empowerment to partake in community activities.

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Boxing set inclusive of boxing gloves, punch mitts, boxing hand wraps (Php 5,000.00)
Punching bag (Php 2,000.00)
Soccer ball (Php 1,000.00)
Soccer goal nets (Php 1,840.00)
Volleyball (Php 1,000.00)
Volleyball Net (Php 805.00)

One of the barangays in Santo Niño is Cabunga-an. It is one of the most challenging communities to reach. Here, the youth has so much spare time. However, instead of channeling their spare time and energy into productive activities, they tend to engage in vices. This ends up to obliterating the spirit of camaraderie and volunteerism that should be imbibed by the entire community. Also, this does not create a healthy environment for the future generation. Hence, this regrettable culture in Cabunga-an should be brought to a halt. Instead, it is best to build a community that seeks to promote and implement a Sports and Fitness Program. Through this program, the youth will be encouraged to live a fruitful and productive life. Also, on top of that, the community will cultivate a hale and hearty atmosphere.

In order to implement an effective program, a gym- complete with sports equipment- is needed. An elementary school has pledged one of its vacant rooms to house the sports equipment. The room will also serve as a hub for Physical Education that can be accessed by pupils. The beauty of this program is that it will be able to accommodate a total of 400 youths in the barangay. Furthermore, it will allow community leaders to conduct values formation sessions and activities dedicated to the youth. It will not only prevent the youth from doing vices but will also encourage them to achieve improved health.
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Sports Equipment

Total Cost: Php 62,920.00

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