Electric Vehicle for Garbage Collection

Tanay, Rizal


Plaza Aldea in Tanay, Rizal prides itself of its clean environment and lush vegetable crops. During rainy season, existing canals get clogged and results to flooding, which prevents the community to pass through. Particularly in Sitio Bathala, the flooding worsened in the past 3 years. Water would pool along the road and find its way into the homes of 85 families. When the rain doesn’t stop, it continues to pool over the entire sitio affecting almost 200 families.

Request Details:
Rebuilding of Main Canal in Sitio Bathala
Materials needed:
- Cement
- Sand
- Concrete Culverts
Total Cost: Php 30,500.00

The problem started after a portion of the main canal corroded and blocked the entry of water. Water lines and garbage add up to the blocking of the canals. Lenie Labangon who was born and raised in Sitio Bathala says that for 42 years, it has only been during these past 3 years that they have experience flooding.

Being the 3rd widest and biggest barangay in Tanay, Plaza Aldea can hardly provide support to all the problems in the community. This includes the corroded canal of Sitio Bathala. Whenever it rains, they have somehow accepted that water will flow into their homes and their children would have to get wet to make it to school.

By rebuilding the water canal system, the lives of 200 families will drastically improved
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Tags: waste / waste management / garbage / climate
Project Details:

Electric Vehicle

Total Cost: Php 181,500.00

Methods of Giving:
PHP 0.00 PHP 181,500.00