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Sariaya, Quezon Province


The farmers in Sariaya, Quezon are doing their best to stop the infestation of coconut scale insects or “cocolisap”. As seen in one of the southern provinces in the Philippines these pests can cause to take down thousands of coconut trees. In Basilan, farmers had to cut down thousands to stop the infestation last October 2016. The infestation almost covered the entire province of Basilan which used to have about 7 million coconut trees. Now, it has less than half of that.

Request Details:
- Cocolisap Insecticides (Php 57,500.00)
- 1 Tractor (Php 46,000.00)
- 35 Shovels (Php 18,150.00)
- 1 Thresher (Php 121,000.00)
Total Cost: Php 242,650.00

The farmers particularly in Talaan Aplaya of Sariaya would like to avoid this infestation. Like the farmers in Basilan, these trees are their main livelihood. Cutting down and growing coconut trees is never that easy. It takes several years to get a coconut tree to bear fruit. The coconut scale insects prevent coconut trees from bearing fruit by sucking sap from the plant cells whilst secreting toxins from their salivary glands in the process. So as early as now, they are asking for assistance through the provision of insecticides to kill these pests.

Also, since majority of their livelihood is farming, the barangay lacks enough tractors and threshers to assist the farmers. Thus, Barangay Captain Jean Diwag is asking 'to help our farmers with some of the farming equipment they can share not just in our barangay but even to our neighboring barangays.' The farmers usually opt to rent tractors, threshers and even shovels but this adds too much cost to their farming expenses. If they would have a community tractor, thresher and sets of shovels, the farmers would pay minimal maintenance fees and this equipment will be available anytime they would need them.
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Agricultural Tools

Total Cost: Php 242,650.00

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